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Prague History

c. 400BC The Celtic Boii tribe possesses Bohemia

c. AD700 West Slavic tribes settle in the locale

863 Cyril and Methodius acquaint Christianity with Bohemia

1245 Jewish ghetto is developed

1346 Charles (Karel) IV turns out to be Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia

1348 Charles IV establishes Charles University, in Prague, the first in Eastern Europe

1352 Construction of St Vitus Cathedral starts under Swabian modeler Peter Parler

1357 Construction of the Charles Bridge starts

1378 Death of Charles IV

1403 Jan Hus, Rector of Charles University, starts lecturing against Church defilement

1415 Hus, indicted apostasy and suspended, is scorched at the stake at Constance

1419-34 Hussite Wars amid which they repulse all assaults; significant religious opportunity is at long last conceded by the Pope

1526 Hapsburg govern starts under Ferdinand I

1618 The Thirty Years War starts with the defenestration of two Catholic councilors

1648 The Thirty Years War closes on Charles Bridge as the Czechs repulse the Swedes

29 Oct 1787 Mozart leads the debut of Don Giovanni at the Estates Theater in Prague

1848 Populist insurgencies clear Europe; Prague disobedience is squashed by Austrian troops

28 Oct 1918 Czechoslovakia turns into an autonomous country with Tom�s� Masaryk as first President

1938 Chamberlain, Deladier, Mussolini and Hitler consent to the Munich Arrangement, surrendering the Sudetenland to Germany without the assent of Czechoslovakia

Oct 1938 German troops possess the Sudetenland

Walk 1939 German troops possess whatever remains of Czechoslovakia; Slovakia turns into a Nazi manikin state

5-9 May 1945 Prague uprising; the city is possessed by the Red Army

1946 First post-war decisions; Communists are the biggest party with 36% of the vote

Feb 1948 Klement Gottwald drives a Moscow-upheld overthrow d'�tat and moves toward becoming President

5 Jan 1968 Alexander Dubcek turns out to be First Secretary and presents humanistic changes

28 Aug 1968 Prague Spring smashed by intrusion of Warsaw Pact troops

16 Jan 1969 Jan Palach sets himself land in dissent at "standardization" forced by Moscow

Dec 1976 Charter 77 shaped by dramatist and protester Vaclav Havel to screen human rights offenses

Nov 1989 The 'Velvet Revolution' - understudy showings turn into a full-scale insurgency of inactive resistance and the Communist government falls

1990 Vaclav Havel is chosen President

1 Jan 1993 The 'Velvet Divorce' - Slovakia turns into a free nation

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