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Czech Language

Czech is one of the Western Slavonic dialects, recognized from its neighbors (like Polish) by a progression of diacritical imprints presented by the religious reformer Jan Hus in around 1410, including haceks (little snares), which change the elocution of letters. Under Hapsburg administer (1620-1918), Czech was immovably smothered; the dialect was restored as a feature of the patriot development in the nineteenth century.

Marginally less overwhelming than it looks, every Czech word are worried on the principal syllable. The most troublesome sound is the "�" (rzh) - which even Czech kids must be instructed to articulate accurately.

English is quickly turning into the second dialect, particularly among the more youthful era, and the dominant part of vacationer administrations will have no less than one English speaker on the staff. The more established era will probably communicate in German. Snapshots of correspondence breakdown will emerge now and again yet they will dependably be amiable. Issues can emerge in Prague with the shortening of "ano" (yes) to 'no'.


Yes - Ano (often shortened to 'No')
No - Ne
Hello - Dobry den
Goodbye - Na shledanou
Please - Prosim
Thank you - Dekuji
My name is ... - Me jmeno je ...
How are you? - Jak se mate?
I'm quite well - Jde to
I feel ill - Je mi spatne
How much does it cost? - Kolik to stoji?
Do you speak English? - Mluvite anglicky?
I don't understand - Nerozumim
Where is ... ? - Kde je ... ?
Entrance - Vchod
Exit - Vychod
Danger - / Nebezpeci /
Warning! - Pozor!
Open - Otevreno
Closed - Zavreno
Toilets - Zachod / WC
Doctor - Lekar
Hotel - Hotel
Restaurant - Restaurace
Beer - Pivo
Wine - Vino
Menu - Listek
Today - Dnes
Tomorrow - Zitra
Monday - Pondel�
Tuesday - Utery
Wednesday - Streda
Thursday - Ctvrtek
Friday - Patek
Saturday - Sobota
Sunday - Nedele
One - Jeden
Two - Dva
Three - Tri
Four - Ctyri
Five - Pet
Six - Sest
Seven - Sedm
Eight - Osm
Nine - Devet
Ten - Deset
Twenty - Dvacet
Thirty - Tricet
Forty - Ctyricet
Fifty - Padesat
Sixty - Sedesat
Seventy - Sedmdesat
Eighty - Osmdesat
Ninety - Devadesat
One Hundred - Sto
One Thousand - Tisic

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