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Getting to Prague by Car

Motorways (limited in number) are checked "D" and worldwide courses by 'E'. A yearly toll of CZK 800 must be paid to use Czech roads; toll stickers must be appeared, and can be bought at edge crossing points, post working environments and oil stations Traffic drives on the benefit. Minor avenues are relegated by different no less than two digits. Speed limits are 50kph (37 mph) in created locales, 90kph (56 mph) on essential lanes and 130kph (68 mph) on motorways. Front seat straps are compulsory and, if set up, raise seat straps too. On-the-spot fines are high for all motoring offenses. There is zero resistance for drink and pharmaceuticals. EU allow holders must have an International Driving Permit (IDP) and moreover the pink course of action EU allow; for every single distinctive country an IDP is required. An auto enlistment file and country sticker are furthermore basic. Untouchable hazard assurance is required. For drivers arranged in the Czech Republic for longer than six months, the auto must be enlisted with the Czech masters; commitment and costs will cost about an expansive bit of the estimation of the auto, and minimum untouchable extension with a Czech underwriter is similarly required.

24-hour emergency phone lines are found each 2km on motorways and all inclusive courses. Both the Ustredni Automotoklub (�AMK, Central Automobile Club) and the Autoklub Ceske Republicky (ABA, Czech Automobile Club) have relating concurrences with numerous auto affiliations and give 24-hour breakdown advantage.

Emergency breakdown services:
Ustredni Automotoklub (UAMK) 154, 123 or (02) 6110 4111
Autoklub Ceske Republicky (ABA) 124

Routes to the city: The major courses to Prague are the D1/D2 to Brno (the D2/D1 course by methods for Bratislava should be avoided as pariahs may experience long deferments at the Slovak periphery). From Belgium, the best course is the E40 to Cologne, by then the E31 to Heidelberg and the E50, crossing the German/Czech periphery at Waidhaus/Rozvodov. From Vienna, the E59 prompts the D1 motorway E55 from Dresden and Berlin. Take E67 from Wrocaw and Warsaw, or the E50 from Paris.

Driving times to Prague: from Vienna - 4 hours 15 minutes; from Warsaw - 10 hours 15 minutes; from Bruges - 12 hours 30 minutes.

Coach services:
Overall transports pull back either from the Florenc tutor station, deliberately set on both Metro lines B and C, or from the coach stop at Zelivskeho (on Metro A). Kingscourt Express, Havelska 8, Prague 1 (tel: (02) 2423 4583), is the essential transport organization to Western Europe and the UK.

For a few objectives inside the Czech Republic coaches are far snappier than trains, which tend to stop at each station. Nearby organizations are given by the state-run association ?SAD. Transports pull back from different stations, the most profitable place for information and to purchase transport tickets is at Cedok (see Air).

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